August 18, 2016

Destiny The Collection Coming Soon

Bungie has announced that on September 26th, Destiny players will not only get to play the new Rise of Iron expansion for the game, but players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can pick up Destiny The Collection, giving you access to every part of the game in one go.

“Destiny – The Collection is the perfect starting point for gamers who have yet to experience Destiny,” said Byron Beede, Sr. Vice President of Destiny at Activision. “Destiny – The Collection contains some of the most engaging content Bungie has ever created and the soon-to-be released Rise of Iron. It also includes a character boost that will allow new players to instantly join in with friends who are already enjoying Destiny.”

For legacy gen players, Destiny – The Collection marks the opportunity to transition to playing Destiny on a current gen system through the upgrade program which begins today and runs until January 31, 2017. Destiny – The Collection will launch alongside Rise of Iron on September 20, 2016

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