July 27, 2016

Xbox One S Gets Some New Bundle Deals

With only a few days until the release of the new Xbox One S console, Microsoft have announced that later in August, two new bundles will be released, granting players even more value.

While the machine will launch in a 2tb model, players who are unable to afford it, or have no need for a larger size, can look towards the 500gb and 1tb models, both of which come packed with both Halo The MasterChief Collection and Halo 5 Guardians

The 500gb model can be ordered from any gaming retailer or direct from Microsoft themselves and will set players back $400. Included, is the machine, games and the cables and controller.

For those looking for the 1tb model, it as well can be ordered from any gaming retailer or Microsoft direct for the price of $500 and comes with everything else listed above.

And of course, for those that do want the 2tb model, that can be ordered from the same places for $550

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