July 15, 2016

WWE 2K17 NXT Edition Announced

2K and WWE have announced that WWE 2K17 is this year getting a special collector's edition called WWE 2K17 NXT

“NXT has quickly transformed into WWE’s third global brand alongside Raw and SmackDown,” said Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative. “The WWE 2K17 NXT Edition is the perfect way to share the passion and enthusiasm of NXT with our fans around the world.”

“From its impressive roster to palpable live event energy, NXT is an unmistakable force responsible for helping drive WWE’s current business and bright future,” said Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at 2K. “The brand absolutely deserves an NXT Edition for WWE 2K17, and this comprehensive offering of exclusive collectibles and in-game content is a must-have for any WWE or NXT fan.”

If you want to pick up this collectors edition yourself, you should not it is only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is exclusive to EB Games, with a price of $149.95

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