July 06, 2016

The First Jewel In The AGON Crown Is Here

The AGON series of monitors from AOC is hitting stores this month and is set to deliver some of the best display performance around.

AOC AG271QX is the manifestation of the AGON series core value: to understand the needs of the user by providing flexibility, excellence and ease of use.

This high-end QHD gaming monitor is powered by a high-speed TN panel at a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It delivers ultra-smooth images with a 144Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1ms, supported by Adaptive-Sync Technology (FreeSync compatible, at a 30-144Hz range). With such a powerful setup, the AOC AG271QX can guarantee the ultimate visual experience, completely free of stuttering and tearing.

AG271QX is the star among gaming monitors not only on the inside. It offers the gamer exquisite ergonomics and convenience as you can pick the most comfortable position, adjusting height, tilt and swivel, all accurately marked by a scale, so you can always jump back to preferred settings.

It’s no secret that avid gamers can spend hours playing their favourite games, so AG271QX is imbued with eye-protecting AOC Flicker-Free Technology and AOC Low Blue Light mode, reducing eye strain, discomfort and fatigue in long gaming sessions.

Individuality is the key to reveal your true potential and for this reason the new AG271QX has easily adjustable Game Mode Presets. AOC has also enhanced this new monitor with the AOC QuickSwitch Controller, enabling the user to switch effortlessly between modes and adjust brightness, contrast and other essential gaming features.

The monitor will be available for purchase for a rrp of $699, so be sure to head to your local computer store for one.

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