July 01, 2016

The Final Splatfest Asks The Hardest Question Of All

After running the Splatfests for over a year, Nintendo have announced the final one is coming and this time it will ask the most important question of all, Callie or Marie.

The battle runs from 7pm AEST on Friday July 22 until 7pm AEST on Sunday July 24, after which the global results will be tallied and the ultimate winner crowned soon after. It’s time to put it all on the line for Callie or Marie!

In order to help make your decision just that little bit harder, Nintendo will also be releasing the Squid Sisters amiibo on July 9, letting players add them to the Splatoon amiibo collection.

Tapping either of the amiibo in game will give players a special concert within the Inkopolis Plaza and each sister comes with one unique song, on top of the ones they share.

In addition to the sisters, players will be able to add the original three Splatoon amiibo to their collections again, with the new colour variants.

Of course, all this good Splatoon related content is hardly relevant if you don't own the game yourself, so starting today, Splatoon is 25% off on the Nintendo eShop, bringing the cost of the game down to $59.95 and it will be at this price until the day before the final Splatfest starts.

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