July 29, 2016

The Battle Is On As A.W: Phoenix Festa Is Out Now

Bandai Namco have announced that the Phoenix Festa is on, as A.W: Phoenix Festa is out now for PlayStation Vita

Based on The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water light novel, manga and anime series, A.W: Phoenix Festa mixes dating sim mechanics and combat in one game and features its own original storyline. In an apocalyptic 20th century, the Inertia has destroyed many cities on Earth. To recover from this ravage, cities are reorganized such as Rikka also known as Asterisk, displaying 6 academies. In those schools, students have Genestella, kind of superpowers, and can compete during tournaments called Festas.

All along this brand-new story, players will embody Ayato Amagiri, a Seidoukan Academy’s student, or will create their own original character. Between daily school life, training and participation to the Phoenix Festa Tournament, players will meet different NPCs, make friends and even find love. Following their choices, fans will experience a challenging adventure with numerous endings and multiple outcomes!

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