July 29, 2016

PlayStation Plus Games Announced

PlayStation have announced the games that are coming to PlayStation Plus for the month of August, covering the bases from puzzle to grand adventure

Players can get the new Tricky Tower, a physics based action puzzler, where you will compete to build your own precarious tower, rivalries will come to the surface as you cast spells to disrupt your opponents and try to make them lose balance and send their towers crashing down.

Rebel Galaxy is the other big game, that will let players take the helm of a massive destroyer as you make your reputation through trade, by being a work-for-hire mercenary or a swashbuckling pirate.

The full list of games is below:

PlayStation 4
Tricky Towers
Rebel Galaxy

PlayStation 3
Yakuza 5

PlayStation Vita
Patapon 3
Ultratron (this game is also compatible on PS4 and PS3)

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