July 11, 2016

Hojo Tokimune Leads Japan in Civilization VI

After talking about England and Egypt, attention now turns to the orient and Japan to see who would lead them to victory in Civilization 6, this time it is Hojo Tokimune

Tokimune was known to rule with an iron fist. After the Mongol Empire first attempted invasion in 1274 and was summarily defeated, it sent five emissaries to meet with Tokimune. These emissaries refused to leave without an audience with the Shikken, to which Tokimune responded by having them beheaded. To this day, the emissaries’ graves can be seen in the city of Kamakura.

Again, five more emissaries were sent, and again Tokimune had them all beheaded. This resulted in another invasion in 1281, and again it failed – this time in part due to an unforeseen typhoon.

As the threat of the Mongol Empire loomed over Japan for years, the samurai warrior class was a formidable force and led all of Japan’s defensive efforts, securing their legacy as one of the toughest warrior classes the world has ever known.

As always you can learn more about the new leader as well as the special abilities that the country has to offer, over on the official site.

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