July 22, 2016

Gravity Rush 2 Takes To The Skies This November

Gravity Rush 2 was a game many did not think would happen, given that the firs title did not sell so well on the PlayStation Vita, but after it was remastered for PlayStation 4, attention has turned back in the series favour and now Gravity Rush 2 is set to launch on November 30th.

Kat, Raven and Syd return, but this time they are joined by newcomer Angel, who has a wild fighting style that includes an overwhelming punch.

One thing that players might note more than anything is that the game now exudes colour, something that the first game did not do. Prior to the launch of Gravity Rush 2, PlayStation will release a brand new anime called “Gravity Rush: The Animation ~ Overture ~” which bridges the gap between the original Gravity Rush and the sequel. This anime is being produced by Studio Khara, best known for their work on Rebuild of Evangelion.

Be sure to look for Gravity Rush 2 when it releases on PlayStation 4 this November 30th

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