July 07, 2016

Get Your Geek On-line With Zing

It is highly unlikely that you needed to be assured that pop culture is more or less a part of our daily lives, but the final push to convince those still on the fence is that Zing, is now online.

What started out as a small scale experiment in Indooroopilly back in 2014, has grown to over 30 stores across the nation, but as it takes months and months to set up even a single store, EB Games, the owners of Zing have taken the big step and created the new website.

“From its humble beginnings with a single brick and mortar store at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in 2014, Zing has grown into Australia’s foremost pop culture retailer with over 30 stores and counting across the country,” said Adrian McKenzie, Senior Manager of eCommerce. “The expansion of Zing online is an important milestone for our business and a big win for our customers, who will now be able to shop our huge range of product anywhere, anytime.”

Those looking to buy can have the items shipped right too them, like you might expect, but if you are close to one of the brick and mortar stores, have it shipped there to save you some money. In any event, Zing is ready for you to get your geek on.

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