July 13, 2016

Cunning Stunts Is Available Now In GTA Online

Rockstar only just announced Cunning Stunts but they have, today announced that it is available for players to enjoy.

Cunning Stunts takes GTA Online racing to epic new heights with a series of 16 brand-new, high-octane Stunt Races that feature everything from winding tubular tracks amongst Los Santos’ tallest skyscrapers to technical courses through canyons, over water and across the desert. Stunt Races utilize ramps, loops, wall rides, tubes, raised tracks and dynamic objects for a radically new take on GTA Online racing.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before: tracks coiling up into the sky, skyscraper jumps, turbo-boosted corkscrews at 20,000 feet... and that’s before you get to the giant bowling pins and the rings of fire.

Players can enjoy Stunt races, as well as new cars and outfits, so they can really become one with the air, but for those looking for a more extreme challenge, there are also Premium Races.

Premium Races are where you can compete against seven opponents for winner-take-all glory, placing your bets and putting faith in your skills for a chance at prize payouts bigger than any other race. And while there may not be any GTA$ for second place, all competitors are rewarded with Triple RP for completing a Premium Race. To keep the competition sharp and balanced among the racing elite, Premium Races are locked to a specific vehicle or vehicle class and all competitors are required to own the vehicle or a vehicle within the set class. These races are also only available for a limited time – keep an eye on the Newswire for weekly schedules. From now through Monday, July 18th, enter the yellow Premium Race blip at Legion Square, shell out your entry fee, and take on seven rivals who all reckon they have what it takes in that day's particular scheduled Race:

Tuesday, July 12th: Maze Bank Ascent (Sports)
Wednesday, July 13th: Duel (Muscle)
Thursday, July 14th: Splits (New Vehicle - Brioso)
Friday, July 15th: Vinewood Downhill (Motorcycles)
Saturday, July 16th: Racing Alley (Sports)
Sunday, July 17th: Canyon Crossing (Super)
Monday, July 18th: Turbine (Off-road)

Over the next three weeks, look for more Stunt Races and vehicles to be added to GTA Online as part of Cunning Stunts, culminating in the release of the Stunt Race Creator on August 2nd, which will give the amazingly talented GTA Online Creator community the opportunity to tap into hundreds of Stunt Props along with new features and improvements to forge the most outrageous stunt tracks of their dreams.

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