July 22, 2016

Blast Into Orbit With Anno 2205

Ubisoft has announced that Anno 2205 is taking off as Orbit, the latest expansion pack is available now for players to download.

The expansion is included within the season pass for those that purchased it, or it can be purchased on its own, to deliver gameplay that is out of this world.

Making use of Nexus, a powerful AI controlling the space station, players will need to send astronauts to the Orbit sector. Players have to place the new Orbital Institutes in their cities, as well as in the Arctic and Moon sectors to train their inhabitants so they are ready for space. The three types of astronauts, Biologists, Physicists and Engineers are important for the individual main focuses of the different space station areas.

The possibilities of building the space station are numerous and challenging as 12 different modules allows players to experiment how to optimize their station in the best possible way. The bigger the space station gets, the more Expertise is gained, which can be used in the Nexus to unlock new bonus effects for all other regions in the game. There are around 75 bonus effects to be explored.

In addition, there is also a new patch for the game that delivers some fixes and enhancements to the game.

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