June 30, 2016

The Elder Scrolls Online Updates With New Looks For All

Bethesda have detailed the new update that will come to The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited starting August 1st.

Players will now get the chance to experience two all new four player dungeons, Ruins of Mazzatun and Cradle of Shadows as well as be able to modify the look of their character and even their outfits.

The Shadows of the Hist DLC Dungeon Pack, is free to all players with an active ESO Plus subscription, but for those without it, it can be added to the game via the in game Crown Store for 1500 crowns.

In the first new dungeon, Cradle of Shadows, players can join the Argonians of the Dark Brotherhood in their battle against rogue assassins threatening to hurl all of Black Marsh into bloody chaos. Cradle of Shadows is a four-player group dungeon featuring both Normal and Veteran modes, and features three new item sets, challenging new achievements with an appearance reward, and a new monster mask set.

For those that like a little more puzzle, the Ruin of Mazzatun, players will venture into the ruins of the "Puzzle City" of the Argonian Xit-Xaht tribe to overcome the slavelords and free their helpless victims. Ruins of Mazzatun is a 4-player group dungeon with Normal and Veteran modes, and features three new item sets, challenging new achievements with an appearance reward, and a new monster mask set.

Using the Crown Store, players will also be to now change almost every aspect of their character,  including but not limited to hair styles and colors, adornments, face and body markings, facial features, eye color, age, body and face shape, as well as selected voice. 

If that was not enough, players can also purchase a name change coin, which allows them the one of time to change their character name, perfect for when you change your look. But there is even more, as a bounty of new hair styles, adornments, and markings have been added to the Crown Store. Players can purchase new items from the Appearance category. Once purchased, items can be used to change a character’s hair style, adornments, and markings as often as a player wishes.

But if you still want more customization, then you can also change the colour of your gear, using dye stations. Anyone who has an active ESO Plus membership will have the ability to dye their equipped costume (and hats!) at any Dye Station using dyes unlocked via achievements. Applied dyes are saved separately for each character, so that the same costume or hat can be dyed differently for every one of your characters.

If you are not a ESO Plus member, then you will need to use the one-time-use consumable Dye Stamps, available for purchase in the Crown Store for a modest price. Each Dye Stamp comes pre-loaded with a specific set of colors. One Dye Stamp can be applied to your active costume and hat—they are a one-use consumable item. New Dye Stamps will appear in the Crown Store every week.

But wait, there is even more, all above is additional content, the base game is getting some changes and tweaks as well.

  • Console text chat
  • Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel Trial improvements, including Normal and Veteran modes, revamped rewards, and level scaling
  • Dragonstar Arena improvements, including increased monster difficulty and revamped rewards
  • The ability to trade bind-on-pickup items to group members in dungeons and Trials
  • The introduction of the Cyrodiil town capture system
  • Champion Point cap increase
  • Rebalancing and adjustments to Racial Passive abilities
  • Improved Undaunted reward chests (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
  • Improved Clothier Surveys
  • Improved face effects and animations
  • New achievements for each of the scaled Trials
  • Ability tooltip tags that display the primary role for certain abilities
  • Ongoing Cyrodiil performance improvements
  • 17 updated older item sets that now drop at Champion 160
    • Six available in Aetherian Archive
    • Seven available in Hel Ra Citadel
    • Four available in Dragonstar Arena
  • Four new crafting styles: Akatosh, Dark Brotherhood, dro-m’Athra, and Minotaur

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