June 15, 2016

Re-Core Loads Up On Xbox One And PC This September

Re-Core is a game that was announced at E3 last year and then went radio silent, with development behind handled by Armature, made up of leads from the Metroid Prime series and led by industry icon Keiji Inafune. But after a nice trailer last year, this year we got a gameplay trailer and a release date of September 13 for Xbox One and Windows 10, with the game also supported by the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

When people play as Joule Adams, ReCore’s heroine, they will feel a terrific sense of speed, agility, and daring – the key ingredients of a great action-platformer. The developers want players to have this same experience, and to feel a strong bond with Joule’s Corebot companions: Mack, Seth, and Duncan. You will need to combine all of the characters’ abilities to overcome powerful foes and exploration challenges on the mysterious world of Far Eden.

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