June 01, 2016

Powers Finally Makes Its Way Down Under

After more than 14 months after it debuted on PlayStation in the USA, the smash hit series Powers has finally been released onto the PlayStation Store here in Australia.

Based of the comic of the same name, by famed creator Brian Michael Bendis and respected genre writer and executive producer Remi Aubuchon, Powers is set in a world where people have super powers and others don't, but for the ones that don't its not all so simple.

Season 1 is now available in its entirety, with Season 2 getting the first few episodes today, with the new ones to be added, one each week, until they are done.

“I’m insanely thrilled with the opportunity to introduce season 2 on PSN,” said Brian Michael Bendis, executive producer of PlayStation original series POWERS, and co-creator of the comic book series. “We focused on what fans loved about season 1 and amped up the visual effects, cinematography, and stunts so season 2 is going to be louder, faster and more electrifying than anything you’ve seen from us before!”

If you want to start watching, it is free to do so, however you must have an active PlayStation Plus membership and the account it is linked to, must be a master account, with the age of the user being 18 or older. You can use the web PlayStation Store to start your downloads now.

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