June 15, 2016

PlayStation Announced The PlayStation VR Coming At Launch

PlayStation Australia has confirmed that PlayStation VR is launching in Australia on October 13th for $549.99 and will be supported by six titles at launch, from Sony Interactive Entertainment themselves.

“PlayStation VR is a virtual reality system that takes PS4 to the next level of immersion,” said Jim Ryan, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “With the launch of PS VR on the horizon, we are looking forward to showing consumers that innovation has never been stronger at PlayStation as we offer unique experiences that truly embody VR’s potential.”

The titles that will be available from Sony are:

  • RIGS Mechanized Combat League            $89.95AUD RRP
  • VR Worlds                                                  $54.95AUD RRP
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood                        $24.95AUD RRP
  • Super Stardust                                            $24.95AUD RRP
  • Hustle Kings                                              $24.95AUD RRP
  • Tumble VR                                                $14.95AUD RRP

From some of the biggest franchises in gaming to brand new titles created exclusively for PS VR, a wide breadth of unique experiences will await gamers when PS VR launches.  During yesterday’s E3 2016 conference, Sony Interactive Entertainment America unveiled new PS VR experiences, including Farpoint, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, and Batman: Arkham VR. 

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