June 12, 2016

MineCraft Story Mode - Episode 6 - Review

When Minecraft Story Mode first announced it was heading passed the planned 5 episodes, I really wondered if they could do it, what story could they tell and then we got the 5th episode, which set things up in a grand way for more adventures, but at no point would I have ever imagined a murder mystery was going to happen, but that is what we got.

The sixth episode picks up after Jesse, Petra, Lukas and Ivor step through a portal in the hallway of portals and find themselves in a world that is teeming with zombies. They find a book, floating mysteriously in a graveyard and it tells them they have been invited to a party and to follow the path. The game then kicks things up in a big way, with the entire gang sprinting towards a house, while avoiding a lot of zombies, like more than you could possibly imagine, but when they get there, they find the front door to be inaccessible, thanks in part to more zombies, so they make a break for the back of the house, hoping to find a door to get in, but there is none, so a quick build up to the second floor and everyone is in and just a moment after they are in, the door to the kitchen is opened, revealing Captain Sparklez.

Captain Sparklez is a Youtube streamer, or so the game tells me and he is not the only one, the rest of the mansions guests are made up by Youtube personalities, all of whom I expect are represented faithfully. Thankfully the game does not really hold you up if you are not aware of who the people are, but it’s still kind of odd to have real world personalities in the game. As for the story, it really does kick off from that point, but sadly revealing anything further would remove the mystery part of the murder mystery. The story was fine, perhaps better overall than the original four-part story, but it sadly never quite reached the level that the last episode got. The new characters are fun and do gel well with the rest, given the situation they are in and this episode is very character driven, so that is a good thing.

As far as gameplay goes, it is the same as the rest of the series, lots of talking and cutscenes, spliced in with moments of actual playing. There is a little more crafting in this episode as well, but still not enough for my liking and while it’s nice to see more variety in the games locations, there is still not enough done in them. Exploring the locations, is still hampered by the issue that you can never do anything other than look or interact with things that help move the story along, which for a game that is set within the world of Minecraft, is very frustrating.

Episode 6 does deliver a much better story than earlier instalments, but the on rails gameplay still proves to be a massive undoing of the game. While it is nice to see Youtube personalities getting recognised outside of their own channels,  but their inclusion here does not add to anything, but made me feel out of place for not knowing who they were.

Thanks to Telltale Games for supplying the new season pass for review

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