June 16, 2016

Mario Party Star Rush Announced At E3 - Coming This October

Nintendo may have announced before E3 that The Legend of Zelda was going to be the star and only game of the show from them, they also just announced more games would be coming, but they were all known properties. However, it turns out that they were still not telling everything as they announced Mario Party Star Rush, coming this October 8 to Nintendo 3DS.

This time, players will all move at the same time, keeping the game moving and letting everyone be involved the whole time, but you won't be playing as Mario, Luigi and the others. Every player will play as a Toad and you will recruit Mario and others along the way, giving you a bonus in the mini games.

More details will come later today when the game is shown on Nintendo Treehouse Live, until then though, enjoy some screen from the game.

Nintendo have now uploaded the Treehouse Live segment to YouTube, so you can learn all about the game and see it in action here.

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