June 07, 2016

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Brings Never-before-available Job System To The West

Ahead of E3 next week, Square Enix are kicking off their reveals already with the announcement of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, coming to PlayStation 4.

The game is a remaster of the original game, but will now introduce the Zodiac Job System, a 12-job character progression system first introduced in the 2007 title, Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System.

On top of that, the game will now feature true 7.1 surround sound, along with remastered vocals and a newly recorded soundtrack. But if you find that you are more of a fan of the original soundtrack, then don't worry as you can swap between each soundtrack at will the original or the remastered.

Of course, bringing it to the PlayStation 4 means that the game will now get all the usual run of features like trophies, share functions and improved loading times.

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