June 15, 2016

Days Gone Debuts At E3 2016

At the PlayStation E3 Press event, Sony took the covers off the game that Bend have been working on, Days Gone. While the debut trailer was playing, I started to get a Last of Us vibe, but that disappeared as it went on, closing out the show, they gave us a live demo of the game in action.

The game looks like its a standard zombie game, but zombies are not what the creatures are, instead they are Freakers. Freakers need to sleep and drink, they behave differently during the day as they would during the night.

The game is build upon the unreal 4 engine, which gives the freakers a level of unpredictability, as each time you come across hordes of them, they will react to you, just as you will to them. As the games world is open world, there are lots of places to explore, which is where the bike, shown in the trailer comes in handy, but just driving on your bike is a risk, as you could bring the horde to you.

Decon St. John is the character you play as, a biker before the world went to hell and because of his roaming nature and lack of expectation on the security we take for granted, is able to adapt to the situation that he is thrust in. As a bounty hunter, in this world, there are things that people already take for granted, but there are still people that cause problems, adding additional pressure, which delivers the need for a bounty hunter.

Check out the gameplay demo, just to see how many freakers can be shown on screen at once.

While we have not seen much of the world yet, the locations we have been shown do look very nice.

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