June 14, 2016

A World Divided Provides Entertainment For All In South Park The Fractured But Whole

After promising they were done making games and then shocking people with the reveal last year, Ubisoft and South Park Digital Studios revealed more information about South Park The Fractured But Whole today at the Ubisoft E3 press event.

With crime rising in South Park a hero must answer the call to take evil down and restore order to the world and that hero is you and the other kids of South Park. Eric Cartman seizes the opportunity to save the town and create the best super hero franchise ever, his own Coon & Friends with himself as the leader, The Coon. Continuing in their role as The New Kid, players will become a member of Coon & Friends and fight for fame and their place beside the other kids.

Players must harness their fart based powers to fight crime and become part of the most marketable superhero franchise of all time. Every superhero has an origin, and Coon & Friends are no different. Players will discover their backstory, assemble their unique costumes, and mix and match powers from numerous hero classes to create their own original hero.

Developed from the ground up using Ubisoft Massive’s proprietary engine, Snowdrop, The Fractured But Whole has expanded with more places to explore and greater freedom to customize each players’ character. An all-new combat system offers unique opportunities to master space and time while on the battlefield, and a revamped looting and crafting system gives players the freedom to craft their own equipment to aid them in battle.

The topper to all the news from the game today is that anyone who pre-orders the game will recieve a copy of the first game, South Park The Stick of Truth. You can pre-order today from selected retailers and you can start playing the first game now, ready for the release of South Park The Fractured But Whole on December 6th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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