May 27, 2016

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Emerges From The Shadows With A New Trailer

Ubisoft has confirmed that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands will be making another appearance at E3 2016, I think its the first time since its debut last E3 and celebrating this, they have released a new trailer for the game and some information about the versions of the game you can buy.

Sent behind enemy lines, Ghosts will have to cripple the Santa Blanca cartel’s operation, breaking alliances between the drug lords and the corrupt government, and saving the Bolivian population from the cruelty of El SueƱo, Santa Blanca’s ruthless leader. To do so, players will have a total freedom of choice to accomplish their missions how they want and watch as the world reacts to their actions.

“As a part of the Tom Clancy franchise, authenticity is one of our pillars. Our goal has been to build the Ghosts as credible Spec Ops that can face the roughness of the Bolivian multifaceted landscape,” said Eric Couzian, Creative Director on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. “Ghosts are survivors and hunters, they can blend in all sorts of environments, leaving no trace except in the heads of their terrified enemies. We want players to feel this power.”

Of course, you will need to equip yourself with the right version for yourself and Ubisoft are offering up six different versions of the game. There is the Deluxe Edition, the Gold Edition, the Calavera Collector's Case, the Fallen Angle Edition, the Limited Edition and there is the standard version of the game as well. Here is what you get in each version of the game.

The Deluxe Edition

The Gold Edition

The Calavera Collector's Case - Exclusive to UPlay

The Fallen Angel Edition - Exclusive to EB Games

The Limited Edition - Exclusive to JB HiFi

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