May 13, 2016

This July Join The Hunt With Monster Hunter Generations

Nintendo Australia have confirmed that Monster Hunter Generations is set to launch on Nintendo 3DS on July 16 and will feature all new gameplay options, including the Prowler mode.

With the new Prowler game mode and revisions to help newcomers, Monster Hunter Generations is the most accessible entry in the series yet and the ideal jumping-on point for beginners. The new Prowler mode, where players can directly control one of the game’s Felyne characters, allows newcomers to get straight into the action of hunting and gathering without feeling overwhelmed. Prowlers enjoy simplified mechanics for gathering items and enjoy their own unique attacks and combos, making them a great learning tool for anyone starting out on their Monster Hunter journey. Any of the game’s single or multiplayer quests can be enjoyed in Prowler mode, allowing players of all skill levels, whether playing as a Hunter or Prowler, to hunt together.

If you are interested in getting the best gear possible for your Monster Hunter experience, you can also get the limited edition Monster Hunter Generations 3DS XL console, the game is separate.

Both the game and the limited edition machine will be available on July 16th

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