May 25, 2016

The Tide Of War Is Upon Us - Total War Warhammer Is Out Now

The sound of battle has been heard and players answering the call as today marks the release of Total War Warhammer, the latest entry in the Total War series and the first Fantasy setting.

Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, monstrous infantry and conjurers of dark and destructive powers will take their place on the battlefield amongst the rank and file in colossal real-time tactical battles. The Grand Campaign map requires cunning, diplomacy and skill in order to expand your empire and keep your subjects happy. Pick from one of four starting factions and eight legendary heroes, build your armies and grind your enemies to dust.

“In terms of two great British franchises coming together, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect union than Total War and Warhammer,” said Total War: WARHAMMER Project Lead, Ian Roxburgh. “It’s rich fantasy with decades worth of lore meeting over 15 years of RTS experience and we feel we’ve delivered on our promise to bring it to life in a way no one has attempted before.”

If there were not enough to wet your appetite, check out this making of, the first in a series, which shows the detail the team went to.

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