May 25, 2016

Teddy Together Brings The Ruxpin Experience To The Modern Age

Nintendo, for some reason have decided to release a whole new game for Nintendo 3DS, where you get to take care of your very own Teddy Bear. Teddy Together will let players discover who Teddy is and what is he is doing. Players will be able to interact with this adorable bear on July 2nd

The story begins when a teddy bear is delivered to the player’s house, along with a mysterious key. The magic starts when Teddy springs to life and starts to speak to the player! Children can give Teddy a name and enter their own name, creating an instant personal connection between the two new friends. From this point on, the tale of Teddy Together advances a bit each day as children learn more about the teddy’s purpose and the mysterious key, making it an ideal interactive bedtime story that parents and their young children can enjoy together.

This inquisitive little bear is particularly interested in learning more about friendship, and often asks the player questions like, “What do you do for fun?”, “How do you make friends?”, and “What’s your favourite food?”. Teddy will remember those answers and bring them up in conversation later on, forging a unique relationship between Teddy and the player, as the answers are always just between them. Teddy’s cute reactions and encouraging personality are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face, which might even help them grow in confidence and self-esteem. Players can also introduce Teddy to their friends, who can give answers that Teddy will remember and even mention later on.

The game does support amiibo, which when scanned will grant players bonuses like coins, outfits and more, all which allow the players to dress their teddy up in whatever outfits they want. It is important to note that Teddy Together does not connect to the internet, there is no online functions at all, so any answers that is given to the game, stay within the game.

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