May 11, 2016

Heroes Of The Storm Mixes Things Up

Blizzard have announced a lot for Heroes of the Storm, with two new characters and an entirely new way for Ranked Play to be done, but first lets talk about the new Heroes.

The first representative of the Azeroth Dragonflights to join the Nexus, Chromie is a long-range artillery mage with the ability to bend time to her will. With some of the highest kill-potential in the game, this Gnome packs a very powerful punch.

A powerful ranged Specialist wielding arcane powers to manipulate the battlefield to the benefit of his team—and to the detriment of his enemies. With the ability to create portals for his team and become an invulnerable Raven, players will soon learn that it’s great to have Medivh on their side.

There are even more characters to come, so be sure to watch this video for more insight.

Chromie will be available to join the Nexus on May 17, Medivh will join on June 14, but that is not all that happens on June 14. On that day, Ranked Play will change forever.

Heroes of the Storm Ranked play is pulling out all the stops and introducing a horde of new features, improvements, and rewards. With division tiers, seasons, high rank recognition, and end-of-season rewards, we think you’ll love what’s in store for ranked Heroes of the Storm.  In order to understand it all, you really do need to read the official blog post, which will explain things in far greater detail.

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