May 30, 2016

Build Your Own PC Case Whenever You Need Too

Cooler Master are known for creating some of the best PC cases around, but it has always been the way that when you build yourself a new PC, you generally need to buy a new case. With the MasterCase Maker 5, they are hoping to reduce that frequency as much as possible, but just letting you add or remove parts as needed.

What makes the case different is that rather than just removing the front panel, because you want to put a new fan in, you can purchase another one that has the room for the extra fan, or even better 3D print one of your own.

The top of the case, the side, the front, the parts inside of it, you can purchase pre-made pieces that have set functions, or if you have the time and gear, you can just print up your own. This allows you to create pieces in whatever colours you want, with any pattern you want, so you can represent your favourite esports team, league or game or just about anything else you want.

But of course, if you are not able to print your own, you can purchase additional components direct from Cooler Master, so if you need a new hard drive bay, you can get that. Want to swap out that clear side for something darker, go for it.

You can read up about all the specs of the case here and there will be a link to the case when it goes on sale here in Australia late June.

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