May 12, 2016

All Rise! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Is Back

Capcom has announced that Phoenix Wright is back this September with coming digitally to Nintendo 3DS.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice sees Phoenix in a brand new courtroom situated in the Kingdom of Khura'in, home of the Kurain Channelling Technique, where mysterious seance trials decide the fate of all defendants. Brand new to the series is the Seance Sight gameplay mechanic that allows the player to revisit the last moments of a victim's life. Players must fight to unravel the contradictions in the testimony of the dead, cross-examining the Royal Priestess' Spirit Insight to see the sensations a victim felt just before death. Meanwhile, defense attorney Apollo Justice faces his own challenges, taking cases for the Wright Anything Agency and trying to discover the long-kept secrets of his past. Both our heroes are joined by a host of returning friends and adversaries in their fight to bring about justice.

Filled with puzzling cases to solve, the new game also brings back and improves on the interactive scientific investigation features from previous entries, including directly dusting evidence for fingerprints and examining video footage to discover the hidden secrets of a crime scene. Also returning are the popular Mood Matrix emotion detector and Revisualisation critical deduction mechanics. In addition to this arsenal of investigation techniques, players can now change the difficulty level of the game by turning off hints, making for a more challenging case.

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