May 26, 2016

Agent 47 Sets His Sights On Marrakesh

Square Enix and IO Interactive have announced that Agent 47 has packed his bags again and will soon touch down in Marrakesh, for that is where his next assignment lies. Players who have purchased the season pass will be able continue the adventures on May 31st.

After the glamorous location that was Paris and the wide open Sapienza, the team knew that they had to do something different for the next stop on the Agent 47 Assassination World Tour and so Marrakesh was born. Marrakesh has been built with a maze of alleys, a range of souks that line the medina walls, and a fully fletched shisha cafĂ©. Moving upwards, players can enjoy the shade on the signature rooftop terraces of Marrakesh.

As with any Hitman level, Marrakesh promises players the lure of voyeurism and the thrill of infiltration and it’s something we’ve been working hard on getting just right. Offering two targets, the “Gilded Cage” mission challenges players to eliminate private banker Claus Strandberg, holed up inside the secure Swedish Consulate, and army General Reza Zaydan, protected by his elite squad of soldiers at a temporary headquarters in the heart of the city. Both targets will be challenging to reach and both will of course have some entertaining special moments attached to them that will allow players to dole out some poetic justice.

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