April 20, 2016

Whispers Of The Old Gods Creeps Into Action On April 27

Blizzard has announced that the next expansion for Hearthstone, Whispers of the Old Gods will launch on April 27, only a week away.

Players can pre-purchase an all-knowing, all-seeing, cosmically powerful bundle featuring 50 packs (for the price of 40), and an out of this world card back, via the in-game shop now! The pre-purchase period for Whispers of the Old Gods ends when the expansion launches.

Whispers of the Old Gods introduces 134 brand new, totally not corrupt cards that are sure to change your perception of the game… and the tavern… and possibly a lot of other things. The Old Gods are benevolent (we cannot stress that enough) entities of supreme power who have come to show everyone just how much fun everything can be when you relax, and stop worrying so much! Some of your favourite adversaries and allies from the tavern have already met the Old Gods, and are much, much better for it!

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