April 15, 2016

The Best Day Ever Is Here With A Spongebob Splatfest

It is finally happening, after many Splatoon Splatfest moments about which food is better, which sport or something else just as silly, we now have the best one yet, who is better Spongebob or Patrick, making this the best day ever.

From Saturday April 23rd, starting at 11pm Sydney time, until Monday April 25th 5am, Sydney time, players will be able to choose their allegiance and decide who is truly the best of Bikini Bottom.

The rules of Splatoon are simple: two teams of four players battle to claim turf by covering it with ink in their colour. Players control characters known as Inklings, human-like creatures that can change into squid form to swim through their team’s ink faster, or manoeuvre up walls to access hard-to-reach areas in battle. Outside of these Turf Wars, the city of Inkopolis is home to all manner of cool crustaceans, funky fish and other oceanic individuals, making Splatoon and SpongeBob SquarePants a match made in H2O heaven.

 In a first for Spatfests, players in Australia, New Zealand and Europe will play together with North American players as Team SpongeBob and Team Patrick compete for under-the-sea supremacy, with the results from both territories producing one final outcome to settle the debate once and for all. After voting opens Saturday April 16 in Australia and New Zealand, Inklings can show their allegiance by wearing a special Splatfest Tee of either SpongeBob or Patrick until the end of the event.

Now if only we could keep the shirts after the Splatfest was over

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