April 28, 2016

SteamWorld Heist Gets A New Ally In Fen

Image & Form have released the first piece of DLC for SteamWorld Heist, in the form of Fen, a Vectron outcast. Along with Fen, you will get new story, missions, guns and of course hats.

Fen was a member of the Vectron, but threw off the shackles of the Hive mind and now is determined to do his own thing. Players can have Fen join their crew at any point, which means if you start from the beginning, you will get the full Fen story.

"Fen's got some really fearsome firepower and clever upgrade mechanics that turn kills into own health and massive damage to others," says Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. "Busting up metal has never been this rewarding!"

On top of this, a new update is available for the game, which adds additional languages for those who want more, but also tweaks things like adding more space to the inventory and reduces the cost of purchasing new ones. 

Once players have downloaded the update, Fen can be purchased from within the game.

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