April 26, 2016

Sail Ho! Shooty Skies Launches Into Brand New April Ahoy Update

Mighty Games, the Melbourne based Indie studio behind Shooty Skies have announced that even more content is coming to Shooty Skies, the April Ahoy update, which brings Pirates to the game.

Well, Pirates as they would appear in the Shooty Skies look and of course, with a little twist like Jack The Sparrow, Le Cluck and more.

But with the new pilots listed above, they bring the count of new pilots to 6, but there are even 6 new Secret Character to unlock as well. On top of the new pilots there is the all new Disco Boss and even more new enemies: will they make you walk the plank?!

Of course, it would not be a Pirate update with water and as such, there is a new water environment, full of piratey treasure and treachery!

The update is rolling out now, so be sure to update your game to unleash your inner pirate.

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