April 27, 2016

Nintendo Announces NX Release Window And More

Nintendo have announced their financial results, which means a lot of money talk, but amongst that is the news Nintendo fans really want to know, when is NX coming and more, well lets start with the bad news.

Nintendo has confirmed that NX, whatever it is, will be released globally in March 2017, so another 11 months away and with that bad news, is a little more. At E3 2016, Nintendo will not have NX machines on show, now there is no word on if they will be there behind closed doors, lots of things happen behind closed doors at E3, but the machine will not be playable on the floor.

Continuing the worse news, The Legend of Zelda Wii U is also being delayed until 2017 as it will launch on NX as well, which means we have our first confirmed NX game. So a silver lining as it were.

Onto some other news though, Nintendo have announced that amiibo, the plucky little figures that could, have sold 24.70 million globally, which is a lot. The card variants however have sold 28.90 million, which is even crazier and of course, apart from the singular Pokemon card within Pokken Tournament, they have all been Animal Crossing cards.

Speaking of Animal Crossing, Nintendo has also announced their next two mobile titles, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, other than the Japanese logo's no other details have been announced.

There are more details, but they are more business related, if you want to see their finacial report, you can get that there. But for now, we are back to playing the waiting game, with no NX at E3, looks like players are in for a long ride.

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