April 06, 2016

Meet The Monsters! - New Total War: Warhammer Videos Reveal Vargheists And The Terrorgheist

Total War developer Creative Assembly have released a new video for the upcoming Total War Warhammer, which details more about the Vampires and their brood.

Arguably more so than other races, the Vampire Counts rely on death from above to close with and shock the enemy. Fortunately, winged nightmares of various shapes, sizes and abilities are in good supply for the Vampire Counts player. These come in the form of the ravenous Vargheists and the blood-curdling Terrorgheist.

As the purest darkness of a Vampire's soul made manifest, Vargheists are truly the stuff of nightmares. Towering winged beasts, each several times the size of a man, they can be deployed with devastating effect from above to rip battle lines to pieces.

Total War Warhammer is set to release on May 24th for PC

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