April 22, 2016

Know When To Fold Em With Prominence Poker

When it comes to video poker, unless your playing with friends or online, you are not really playing. Well 505 Games are fixing that this year by introducing the worlds first Poker Role Playing Game, yes a PRPG, with Prominence Poker.

Players enter Prominence Poker with only their wits and their poker face as they explore unsuspecting and seedy locations for underground games, including the local casino, a dive biker bar and the backroom of a laundromat, to build their reputation. They will also face off against unscrupulous characters across four cunning factions as they work their way up to challenge the leader of each group -- all for a final showdown with "The Mayor" -- the mysterious town founder.

Along the way, players can create their own poker alter ego from head-to-toe and earn experience points to unlock emotes, unique items and prestige. An intricate bluff-and-tell system will have players reading their opponents for clues to their hand strength, with subtle gestures including speed of play, frequency of card checks and more. Prominence Poker also includes a deep multiplayer experience with regularly scheduled events, daily challenges, tournaments, ranked modes, unlockable new venues and other future content.

The game is coming soon to PC via Steam early access, but it will release in full on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later in the year.

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