April 27, 2016

Discover Who Has The Fastest Fingers In The West With Western Press

Australian developer Bandit-1 released their first title last week in the form of Western Press and while you could be mistaken it was a newpaper simultator set in western times, it is in fact a fast paced reactionary game, where mere seconds are all that stand between victory and defeat.

The game will pit players against each other to see who can press their buttons faster, with the winning being the best of two duels. Western Press also supports 16 player tournaments, online and local play, as well as heavily customisable options, which should grant you numerous rewarding chances with the game.

Along with Fastest Time mode, it also has a single player ladder to both earn your skill level and unlock characters, and Memory mode for those with more cerebral power than dexterity. Meaning, that no matter your skill level, the game has an option for you.

On top of all of that, full integrated Steam Workshop support allows the creatively minded to easily add custom characters, stages, taunts and soundscapes. With characters being shared dynamically while playing online.

To kick things off, Drinkbox Studios have generously allowed Juan Agucate, star of Guacamelee, to join the fray. The battling luchadore is available today for all players to add to the game for free via Steam Workshop.

The game is available now through Steam, GOG and Humble, so get out there and see if you have the fastest draw.

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