April 06, 2016

BB-8 Is Ready To Go To The Movies

By now there should not be people who don't know who BB-8 is and for those lucky few who own their very own little droid, Sphero have announced an update to the app that will allow the little guy to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens with you.

The new ‘Watch With Me’ app has been added so that the Sphero BB-8 will now react to what is happening on screen. It’ll get excited when it sees Hans Solo and Chewbacca for the first time and shy and scared when Kylo Ren comes onto screen, and just look out for its reaction when BB-8 makes its starring debut on screen!

The user can skip around the movie, start the movie anywhere, or enter the app while watching the movie, and the app will find where it should be. There is also a pop-up video option as part of the new app update that will give viewers additional information and facts about The Force Awakes and its characters as the movie plays out.

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