April 22, 2016

Bang & Olufsen Deliver The Gorgeous New BeoPlay A1

Bang & Olufsen are known for creating stunning looking devices that provide as much function as they form and they have now taken that approach and applied it to create the BeoPlay A1. Its sleek shape and tactile design is such that it allows BeoPlay A1 to be played on almost any surface - take it with you where you want to go, or grab the full-grain leather strap and hang it at work or in your home.

Packing a punch way beyond its size, BeoPlay A1 is crafted utilising superior materials, including sleek, matte anodised aluminium, and will spread the Bang & Olufsen signature sound to the entire room, delivering a new level of power and portability. As with all of Bang & Olufsen products, the synergy between form and function is the guiding beacon throughout the entire design process.
“The physical form of BeoPlay A1 is the result of a meticulous design process geared towards maximising portability, while at the same time giving a solid physical platform for category-breaking sound performance. The design inspiration was to produce a speaker that would easily fit in a bag or pocket. That’s why there are no protruding buttons or legs to snag or to snap off, the surface of BeoPlayA1 is completely smooth and robust enough to take the bumps and scrapes that are part and parcel of a life on the move,”said Cecilie Manz, award-winning Bang & Olufsen Designer, responsible for the creation of BeoPlay A1.

You can read all about the unit and its full tech specs on the official site, but here are just a few reasons that the BeoPlay A1 is worth your time.

Bang & Olufsen signature sound 
B&O PLAY delivers 480 watts of crisp and passionate sound, despite its small footprint. Featuring omni-directional sound technology, and thanks to B&O PLAY’s proprietary ambient mode sound processing for optimized 3 dimensional reproduction, BeoPlay A1 delivers a superior sound experience, symbolic of Bang & Olufsen’s 90 years of sound experience.
Premium and robust materials that age with style
BeoPlay A1’s all-aluminum dome ensures a light, rigid and protective housing for the delicate drivers and electronics inside (it can take its fair share of dents and scratches). The base is made of a uni-body, double-moulded polymer, designed to stand solidly and to withstand outdoor surroundings such as grass, sand and the occasional splash of water. The leather strap not only feels great to hold, but it will also age with style, just like your favourite pair of leather boots. 
All-day battery life
With up to 24 hours of battery life, at a moderate volume level, the BeoPlay A1 will still be playing long after most competitors have gone silent. 
Calls and voice integration 
As well as using BeoPlay A1 to listen to music, you can also talk to your friends or family from wherever you are in the world, or make use of voice control. Because of the unique position of the built-in microphone everyone in the conversation benefits from equally good speech transmission with unprecedented speakerphone sound quality via USB or Bluetooth. 

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