March 04, 2016

Star Fox Zero Gets Dated, Joined By Star Fox Guard

Star Fox Zero has been teased for release in April since it was delayed last year, today during the latest Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed for release on April 23rd and it will come bundled with Star Fox Guard.

Multiple paths branch out to give players plenty of places to explore, and each route gives them a completely different experience with unique challenges. Players will notice their skills get better and better over time, as they become top-notch pilots.

In two-player mode, one player can fly the Arwing while the other player aims and shoots. So with one player using the Wii U Gamepad, to aim the gun, another player can use the Wii U Pro Controller  to navigate the ship while using the TV screens.

It was also announced that if players owned a Fox amiibo from the Super Smash Bros series, then you can unlock the Arwing from the 1992 Star Fox game from the Super Nintendo.

But there is still even more news to be had, launching alongside the game will be Star Fox Guard, a title that debuted two years ago at E3 is now a full game. Players set up 12 cameras to find and defeat enemies who are attacking the mining site of Slippy Toad’s uncle, Grippy Toad. The game includes about 100 missions, but players can also create their own challenges by editing the placement of enemies and uploading them online.

Star Fox Zero will come bundled with Star Fox Guard in a limited edition release on April 23rd, you won't be able to purchase Star Fox Guard in stores any other way, so get your orders in early. Both will be available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop as well.

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