March 04, 2016

No Man's Sky Is Set To Beckon Players In On June 22nd

After a number of years of hard work, the team at Hello Games has announced that No Man's Sky will finally see release on PC and PlayStation 4 on June 22nd.

In No Man’s Sky, players journey from the farthest depths of space to answer the call of an irresistible mystery at the centre of the galaxy. Plot your course through a living, breathing universe on an unprecedented scale and discover new worlds from a possible 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets. Uncover new species, gather precious resources and forever mark your celestial realms on the galactic map for other cosmonauts to visit.

Oh that number is written out as eighteen Quintilian, four hundred forty-six quadrillion, seven hundred forty-four trillion, seventy-three billion, seven hundred nine million, five hundred fifty one thousand, six hundred and sixteen, just to show big it is.

On top of what will be a very interesting game, leading developer Sean Murray from Hello Games has been working with Dave Gibbons (co-creator of Watchmen and Kingsman), James Swallow (Mass Effect, Star Wars, Deus Ex writer) and famous sci-fi book cover artist Angus McKie, to create a one of a kind comic book on the game. This artistic story shares some No Man’s Sky’s key moments and will be available in the No Man’s Sky Limited Edition Collection. 

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