March 11, 2016

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Is Changing The World & Movement

It is a double dose of Mirrors Edge Catalyst goodness today, as we have a look at the gameplay, thanks to a brand new developer diary, but we also get to learn more about the MAG Rope, a device to help Faith get around.

The other new piece of information that we got today was for the MAG Rope, Manifold Attachment Gear Rope. The gear is something that Faith will wear on her arm and uses it to attach to points to help her get to previously unreachable locations.

Upon activation, the MAG Rope shoots out a carbon fiber line, attaching to certain surveillance cameras. The swing is an extension of Faith’s move set and carries her momentum from running into the swing. In the swing, you have control over the speed and direction – and when and how you want to let go.

While at the start it can only be used to swing around, with upgrades that the player can unlock , Faith can use it in a whole new range of ways as the game progresses, like pulling herself up to a higher ledge. 

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