March 03, 2016

Match 3 With A Difference With Chesster

Surprise Attack Games and indie developer Team Chesster have announced an all new take on the match 3 puzzle game format, the result is Chesster.

Faced with a board full of chess pieces, the player can move three pieces per turn. Each piece moves just as it would in chess, and instead of swapping with the piece at its target destination, it will take that piece and clear it from the board. At the end of a turn, any row or column of three or more of the same piece will score.

Just like chess, the key to Chesster is thinking several steps ahead and deep analysis of the board to find the best moves. High scores are only possible by creating cascades, with new combos formed by blocks falling into the space left behind.

Chesster will be launching on March 17th for iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac & Linux.

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