March 29, 2016

Master Of Orion Expands The Game In New Ways

Master of Orion might be still in Early Access, but it is still get additional features driven by fan feedback and the teams desire to improve the game, the latest update is here and check out the video to see what is included.

Explorers can wield the power of the hive with the Klackon, control the technological might of the Meklar, or harness the ruthlessness of the Terran—a race exclusive to the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition. A new victory condition has also been added: Technological.

The Klackon are part ant, part cockroach. There are lots of them, which means they develop rapidly and can build a large fleet in a heartbeat—perfect for a head-on strategy. The Meklar, on the other claw, may not be the most industrious, but they are masters of technology and can produce fleets of huge ships.
The Terran, the black sheep (with white hair) of the Human race, have spent millennia preparing for war. They can create ships at a reduced cost, which boast powerful beam attacks, and are great at engineering. You don’t have to be genius to know that you should focus on growing your army to dominate space. However, if you want to keep some enemies closer for a while, the Terran can swing their weight about in the Galactic Council thanks to their commanding nature.

If, for some reason, this selection of races doesn’t quite fulfill your game plan, you can now create your own custom race. Custom races are great to test new ways of playing the game. Ever wanted to see what the normally intellectual and reserved Psilons would be like if they had the skills to become warmongers? Now you can.

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