March 16, 2016

Look For The Bare Necessities - Disney Infinity 3.0 Expands Today

As of today, Disney Infinity 3.0 has expanded its range of content available to players with an all new playset, new power discs and of course, new characters.

Kicking things off is an all new playset, Marvel Battlegrounds, an experience that lets you take four characters into a large open space, ready for you to battle it out in. The Play Set features an original Marvel storyline and full compatibility for all Disney Infinity Marvel figures, including new characters, Captain America – The First Avenger, Ant-Man, and Black Panther, whose costumes are inspired by the upcoming film Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War
“We’re providing our fans a brand new way to play Disney Infinity with Marvel Battlegrounds,” said John Blackburn, SVP & General Manager, Disney Infinity. “The Play Set’s four-player brawler style combat gameplay and wide selection of Marvel characters makes it the ultimate family game and a great way to experience some of the characters that appear in the upcoming summer blockbuster film, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.”

Of course, players will get a new figure when they purchase the playset, but along side the Marvel characters is the debut of a very classic Disney animated character, Baloo. Check out all the new characters available today.

For anyone who has characters from Disney Infinity 2.0, they are all compatible in the Marvel Battlegrounds playset, which means you can see how Ant-Man stacks up against Star-Lord or how Thor would go against Vision.

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