March 30, 2016

Guitar Hero Live Lands An All New Arena

When April 1 rolls around, players will be able to try out an all new mode in Guitar Hero Live, Rivals Arena. Here players will be able to compete and attempt to rise up to the first division.

When the arena opens its doors, all players will start off in Division 20 and then attempt to level up to Division 1, in order to even start playing you need to be ranked level 15, so you have a few days to get your level up.

Once the doors do open, players will compete against other players, but if they win they will be awarded bonus tokens, but even players who loose, but keep on rocking on, will be awarded more tokens as well. If you quit out of a match before it ends, you will lose tokens and you dont want that, because tokens will allow you to play more premium shows, but also you will earn exclusive in game content.

If you rank up to at least Division 15 by the end of the month, you will get some goodies, but those who hit Division 10 will earn even better goods and if you are good enough to hit Division 1 you will score a legendary item.

Alongside this new update, is a game update that fixes and tweaks some things, based on player feedback, hit up the official blog post to learn more about those. It is important to note though, PlayStation Plus required for Rivals Arena play on PlayStation 4. Xbox Live Gold required for Rivals Arena play on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Rivals Arena not available on iOS or Apple TV.

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