March 10, 2016

Find The Key To Unlock Even More Potential In Super Mario Maker

The latest update for Super Mario Maker is here, bringing fans some much requested features and updates to the Wii U title, in addition to new Mystery Mushroom costumes.

Gamers will now be able to create more dangerous levels with the all new Spike Pillar, which will shoot out from its position, attempting to stop Mario by any means. Shaking a Thwomp will turn it into the new item.

Players have been asking since the games release for a way to make boss fights mean something, while others have been asking for a key, something that was introduced in Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES and then made even more critical in Super Mario World. With the addition of they key tool to Super Mario Maker, both requests have been fulfilled.

Players can now shake a P Switch, which will turn into a key and then by shaking the doors twice, a key door will appear. With this, you can now have players go back and locate a missing key, in order to proceed. Players can also give the key to an enemy, requiring the player to defeat them in order to acquire the key and move forward.

Shaking a coin will also turn them into Pink coins, which 5 of which can be placed into a single level and when all the placed coins are collected, a key will appear, meaning you can now create a treasure hunt level.

Even the Super Mario Maker website is getting updates, allowing players to see which players hold the most world records and more. To see all the updates to the game and site, watch the trailer below.

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