March 01, 2016

Anno 2205 - Tundra DLC Is Now Available

Ubisoft has announced that the first big content pack for Anno 2205 is available today for those that wish to invest in it. Alongside this is a new update that will also add some new elements and fixes for all players.

In this new 82 000 acres territory, players will discover new gameplay tactics as they need to dry the marshes before settling in the area among the muskoxen and the icy environment. Two new population types are also available, the Tundra Scientists and the Tundra Protectors, of which players will have to manage the specific needs. In order to fulfill these needs, five new production chains and ten new goods challenge players to use their management skills effectively.

A new additional module type can be unlocked by solving the sector quest and inquiring on the past generations failures. This module improves farms and factories in the Tundra sector, but also in all other regions of the game. Throughout the story quests and optional side quests, players will control a futuristic flying vehicle to hover over the desert landscapes.

A free update named “Corporation HQ” is also available today for all Anno 2205 players. This patch enhances the corporation progression screen to make it more intuitive and to provide a good overview of the player’s achievements and improvements left to conduct. With this update, players can now sell goods depending on requests to NPC traders.

Anyone with the Anno 2205 Season Pass will get Tundra as apart of that, those without can purchase it on its own.

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