February 20, 2016

Street Fighter V Updates - Server Issues And DLC

Capcom has released a statement regarding the server issues that have plagued the launch of Street Fighter V and they have also taken time to detail the full DLC plans for the game.

Here is the start of their detailed post for the server issues, be sure to read the full post here.

What’s up World Warriors!
As many of you know, there were some issues with the Street Fighter V servers but we’re happy to report that the majority of those issues have now been resolved.
That said, we know there is still a lot left to optimize and not everyone’s experience has been the same so I’ll be checking in each day here to give everyone an update on how things are progressing. Hit the jump for a few updates we’ve made over the past 24-48 hours and a look at some of the issues we are aiming to resolve.

Now for those wanting more content, the full release plan can be found below, it is important to note though that the in-game store will not be made live until the first update rolls out in March.

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