February 08, 2016

Shooty Skies Celebrates A Massive Milestone With A New Update

Whenever a game crosses a million sold, there is always cause for celebration, no matter the game, but that is different when it comes to free to play, or mobile games, they need to sell double that, if not more to make a splash. Thankfully Mighty Games Group can celebrate as they have had over 4.5 Million downloads of the very addictive, Shooty Skies.

Celebrating this milestone, the team have released a new update that will bring the celebration of the Lunar New Year to the game. Here is what you can expect to get in the update:

  • 6 new pilots including Red Monkey, Caishen, Steamy Buns and more
  • 2 special secret pilots
  • Sky Rocket boost added - Fireworks rockets with an explosive kickback!
  • New sidekick Yinglong, your dragon companion with the power of wind
  • Mythological beast Nian added as a new boss
  • New Ball Mode added in the Boosts menu, aka ‘juggle mode’
  • 10 new CNY-themed bad guys
  • New terrain added - Chinese New Year Terrain
If you have the game, the update should be there for you now and if you don't, what is stopping you, its free and really fun to play. The game is available for iOS and Android.

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